Reduction for persons with a disability

A Council Tax reduction may be claimed if someone living in the property needs a room, which is not a kitchen or bathroom, or an extra kitchen or bathroom, or needs to use a wheelchair inside the property, to meet the special needs arising from a disability.

This is equivalent to a reduction of one band, so if your property is in Band D and you qualify for disabled person's reduction, you would be billed as if your property was in Band C.

For properties already in Band A that qualify for a disabled person's reduction, then the reduction granted is the equivalent of a one-band reduction (1/9th of the Council Tax payable in Band D).

A person who is liable to pay the Council Tax for the property must make the claim for this reduction, even if they are not the disabled resident, by completing the form below.

Disabled Reduction Application Form (PDF Document, 38.05 Kb)

Last updated: Thursday, 2 July 2020 3:16 pm