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Council Tax

This page provides a summary about Council Tax. This page also provides links to download forms and leaflets, including a direct debit mandate form and a Council Tax discount application form.

HouseCouncil Tax is collected to help pay for the services provided by us. These include refuse collection and recycling, leisure facilities, planning and development services and environmental services. A Council Tax bill is sent to every home in March each year. This shows the total amount of Council Tax that needs to be paid. The bill also includes the charges that are payable to Leicestershire County Council, the Police Authority and the Fire Service.

The total amount payable is based on a valuation of each home and the number of people, aged 18 and over, that live there. The band value is decided by the Valuation Office Agency.

The Valuation Office Agency advises us of the band value for each property, which enables us to issue Council Tax bills. If you own, or have a legal interest in more than one home, you can be liable to pay more that one Council Tax bill.

Please follow the links below to report a move into, within or out of the borough. It is an offence under the Council Tax regulations for a person to knowingly provide false or misleading information to the Council. The fine for this offence is £1000. The Council may verify the information provided to confirm the occupancy where the law permits.

Report a move into the borough

Report a move within the borough

Report a move out of the borough

If you are moving out of the borough, please tell us your new address where we can send your closing bill to. This is important so that we can tell you whether there are any outstanding credits or debits against your account and issue any refunds where applicable.

There are various ways in which your Council Tax might be reduced.

For further information please see our exemptions, discounts and disabled person's reduction pages. Also see the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support entitlement page.

If your Council Tax payments are in arrears please see Advice if your Council Tax is in Arrears page.

Increase 2019/20

The Government's autumn spending review announced that authorities responsible for adult social care can raise an additional 4% Council Tax without a referendum. Leicestershire County Council has increased their core Council Tax by 2.99% and increased the new adult social care precept by 1.0% making a total of 3.99%.

We are required to show any percentage increase/change on Council Tax Demands to one decimal place. This will result in an increase of 2.99% showing as 3.0% on the Demand Notice.

The actual percentage increases comparing 2018/19 with 2019/20 are shown below:



Leicestershire County Council


Leicestershire County Council – Adult Social Care


Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner


Leicestershire Fire and Rescue


Oadby and Wigston Borough Council


Overall percentage increase

The increase comparing 2018/19 with 2019/20 is 4.76%.

Band D Council Tax for 2019/20 is £1,806.55

Adult Social Care amounts

The amounts included in Leicestershire County Council's Council Tax for adult social care are as follows:



















More information about adult social care charges and the budget of Leicestershire County Council can be found on the related link at the bottom of this page.

Council tax financial information

The following document has information about Council Tax, and Oadby and Wigston Borough Council's spending and budget in 2019-20.

Council Tax Information Leaflet 2019-2020 (Word Document, 142.02 Kb)

For information about the budgets for Leicestershire County Council, Police and Crime Commissioner and Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, see the related links below.

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