This page explains what we do to enable all private-sector residents of the borough to live in homes that are healthy, safe and comfortable.

To carry out this service, we do the following:

  • take action or provide advice where a home falls below the standards set by law,
  • respond to requests for advice and assistance from householders (both owner-occupiers and private tenants) and landlords,
  • help to ensure that no home in the borough stays unoccupied for longer than is necessary,
  • offer advise about blocked drains and sewers and
  • ensure that houses in multiple occupations are maintained to the required legal standards and that they are licensed where appropriate.

If you are a householder, tenant or a landlord in the borough and you would like to know more about any of these services please contact Environmental Health using the contact details in the panel on the right.

If you are considering renting a property that you own and you have not done this before please contact Environmental Health for advice for first-time landlords.

You can find out more about letting your property and the East Midlands landlord accreditation scheme from an organisation called East Midlands Decent and Safe Homes.

Last updated: Monday, 6 July 2020 9:45 pm