Frequently asked questions

1. Does The Council have a list of landlords which accept people on a low income, universal credit or housing benefits?

There is no list.

2. Will The Council pay my deposit?

If you claim Housing Benefit you may make an application for a Discretionary Housing Payment

If you are homeless please contact Housing Options

3. Will The Council be my guarantor?

Some Landlords ask for a guarantor. The Council cannot act as a guarantor. If you need a guarantor then start with friends and family. Any prospective guarantor should seek their own independent legal advice before signing an agreement.

4. Will The Council pay my rent?

If you are in receipt of certain benefits or otherwise on a low income there may be help available see Housing Benefits for further details. Please be aware that if you qualify for Housing Benefits the level of help is capped and it is paid in arrears.

Further information is available from Citizens Advice Bureau, Turn2us and other agencies

Last updated: Thursday, 19 October 2023 9:15 am