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Ways To Pay

When making any payment to the Council, you will need your reference number or account number to make payment. THis ensures when the payment is taken, it goes directly to your account. This reference number can be found on your annual bill, account statement, letter, invoice, etc.

Direct Debit

This payment option is designed to automate the payment process. Once set up, an automatic payment will be made to the Council (on the day of the month you choose) so that you do not have to do anything.

This method is protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.


Alternatively, to set up a direct debit, please call Customer Services on (0116) 2888961 who can assist in setting this up on your Council Tax or rent account.

Pay Online

To make a card payment online, please visit:

Card payment - Automated payment line

To make a card payment over the automated payment line, please call (0116) 2572 850. You will need your reference number to hand.

Cash (and Card) Payments - Paypoint / Post Office

On all Council Tax bills, rent statements, invoices, etc, will have a barcode on them. This can be taken to any Paypoint or Post Office where you can make a cash payment (or card). There are over 28,000 locations you can make a cash payment at.

This is a simple way of paying for a Council Service at your local paypoint outlet. For a full list of outlets, please visit:


You can enter your postcode and it will list local outlets. Many of these outlets are open evening and weekends for your convenience.

If you have any issues with payments or need further assistance, please call the Customer Service team on (0116) 2888961, who will be happy to help further.

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