We strive to improve our service at every opportunity and are always very keen to hear from you. Customer feedback is important to us.

If you have any feedback for us please use the contact us form or speak our customer service Team 0116 288 8961.

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We would like to show you some of the changes we have made based on the feedback you have given us.


You said we did Part 1

Customer suggested that we should introduce an electronic way to set up a direct debit to save them having to complete a paper form or call the council.

You said “We want to be able to set up direct debits payments for our council tax online”

We: Set up an online form to request direct debit payment for council tax

Customer Service and Waste

You Said We Did Part 2

An assisted collection customer on reported that their bin was repeatedly missed because the crew didn't realise they were on an assisted collection.

You said "Make it clearer that my bin is part of the assisted collection scheme"

We: Put stickers on bins of all customers that are part of the assisted collection scheme. This helps the crew identify people that are part of this scheme and reduce missed collection reports

Planning Policy

You Said We Did Part 3

Through customer feedback the Planning Policy team have changed the places that they carry out the public consultations or exhibitions, for example in South Wigston we have carried out exhibitions in the foyer area of Tesco Superstore rather than the Blaby Road Park pavilion.

You said "we want public consultations or exhibitions to be carried out at convenient locations"

We: Reviewed the list of places we normally run public consultations or exhibitions and have selected convenient locations such the foyer at Tesco Superstore in South Wigston

Customer Service and Licensing

You Said We Did Part 4

Taxi drivers have to go to the Customer Service Centre to have their taxi driver and vehicle applications processed. Many of those taxi drivers live outside the borough and would prefer to apply online.

You said "We want to be able to do our taxi licence applications online"

We: Introduced an online taxi driver and vehicle application process

Last updated: Wednesday, 11 November 2020 6:07 pm