Call for Sites 2020

The Council’s Call for Sites Public Consultation took place from Midday Friday, 25 September 2020 until Midday Friday, 20 November 2020. This exercise was undertaken to understand what land interests there are in the Borough for potential housing, employment, retail or other development uses from 2031 onwards.

The Council has taken account of all of the submissions received and has published the results of this work below:

Call for Sites: Site Collation and Initial Assessment (PDF Document, 2.12 Mb)

Please note: This document collates all of the sites submitted and seeks to provide an initial assessment of all of the sites received by the Council during the Call for Sites process. This document does not assess the extent as to whether a site is deemed appropriate or not, however will highlight sites that are unlikely to be assessed further.

Should any landowners and / or agents wish to submit additional land for the Council’s consideration, please contact the Planning Policy Team via the contact details on this page.

Due to the unique nature of the Borough, the Council would welcome the submission of any suitable land parcels (no minimum site size threshold) and invite any interested parties, including local residents; businesses; landowners; developers; and, agents, to identify potential sites for consideration for development which could comprise part of the Borough’s housing and economic development land supply, post 2031.

The Council is seeking the submission of all sites suitable for accommodating new development that can deliver any of the following types of development:

- Residential (housing) development of one dwelling or more

- Specialist housing provision, for example older peoples housing.

- Employment or mixed commercial uses

- Retail

- Leisure / community use

- Any other forms of development

How to make representations

All site submissions should be done by completing the Site Submission Form as fully as possible. Call for Sites Site Submission Form (Word Document, 283.5 Kb)

You will need to use a separate Site Submission Form (available to download on the Council’s website) for each site submitted and attach a site plan (1:2500 or 1:1250 scale) with the boundaries of the site clearly marked in red.

If you would like to submit further information about a site, in addition to the completed Site Submission Form, please submit this alongside the completed Site Submission Form.

Representations submitted via email, should be sent to

Representations submitted via post, should be sent to the following postal address; Council Offices, Station Road, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 2DR.

If you require a hard copy version of the Site Submission Form, please contact the Planning Policy team on the above email.

Please note all responses should be returned to the Planning Policy Team.

Planning Policy Consultation Database

If a person, organisation, and / or business would like to be added to the Council’s Planning Policy Consultation Database so that they will be informed about future planning policy public consultations, please contact the Planning Policy Team via the email and postal address set out above.

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