Poster showing how to keep safe from Covid, including getting vaccinated, wearing a mask, getting fresh air, staying at home when ill and handwashing

Covid-19 information and guidance

The National Health Service and Government websites are the best place to go for the latest national information, advice and guidance about Covid-19.

Local Vaccinations and Boosters

It is critically important that everyone gets their vaccination and boosters to protect themselves and their families from Covid-19.

You can find details of vaccine eligibility and where to get vaccinated on the NHS website.

Vaccination and Booster rates in Oadby & Wigston

To reduce the spread of Covid-19 in these areas it's really important more people come forward for their jabs.

To see the vaccination rates in the local area - please use the Government's interactive map.

Testing and test kits

Covid-19 testing is no longer free for the majority of people. You can buy lateral flow tests at some local retailers and pharmacies.

Free tests are still available to a small number of people. These include:

  • If you have a health condition which means you're eligible for COVID-19 treatments
  • If you're going into hospital for surgery or a procedure
  • If you work in the NHS or in social care

For further information on testing, please visit the NHS website


While you’re no longer legally required to self-isolate if you have Covid-19, you should try to stay at home and away from others to avoid passing on the virus.

See more on what you should do if you have Covid-19 or symptoms of Covid-19.

Last updated: Thursday, 23 February 2023 12:44 pm