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Want to save money on your household energy bills? Sign up today to find out how much you could save!

Working with iChoosr, we combine the purchasing power of thousands of households. Energy suppliers compete for your custom, often with bespoke and market leading tariffs not available direct or via price comparison services.

It is easy and with no obligation

Signing up online along with thousands of others is simple and there is no obligation. Together you form a large group and iChoosr holds an auction on behalf of the group. After the auction you decide whether to accept the offer from the winning supplier. iChoosr arranges everything for you.

How does the scheme work?

Step 1: Simple registration - free and no obligation

Anyone who pays a household energy bill and who is interested in saving money by switching energy suppliers can register for FREE.

You will need your most recent energy bill to register.

Step 2: Auction

When registration closes, iChoosr will invite energy companies to offer their best prices for energy to everyone in the scheme.

Step 3: Personal offer

You will receive a personal offer from the winning supplier. In this offer you can see how much you could save by switching to the new tariff.

Step 4: You decide

There is no obligation to accept and there are no fees or charges if you don’t switch. You simply get a new offer that could potentially save you money on your energy bills. In addition we can help you with any queries.

Step 5: Switching

If you accept the offer, your contact information will be sent to the winning supplier. iChoosr takes care of the whole switching process and checks if the supplier does what it has promised. If you decide to decline the offer, then we'll end your participation. Free of charge, of course.

You can sign up online


Call the Big Community Switch registration line on 0800 048 8439. Lines are open Mon-Fri, 8:00am - 5:30pm, please have a recent energy bill to hand.

Once you have registered you will receive a personal offer letter via post after the auction has taken place.

Please note, this phone line is not a council service and is run by IChoosr who are independent experts in group-buying and the Council's partner for the Big Community Switch.

I-Choosr update on October auction

Why was there no offer in October?

After running our auction on October 12th, it became clear that none of the tariffs secured were a better option for any of our customers than simply staying on their Standard Variable Tariffs.

Usually, Standard Variable Tariffs are the most expensive on offer, and we use our auction to obtain great value fixed rate tariffs for our customers.

However, in order to stop the Standard Variable Tariffs reaching excessively high prices, Ofgem imposes a tariff cap on them, which limits the amount suppliers can charge. This tariff cap is announced two months before it comes into place, and is based on wholesale energy prices from the previous 6 months.

As wholesale energy prices have risen so quickly and dramatically this year, the new tariff cap that came into force on October 1st is now keeping the Standard Variable Tariffs artificially low, and at present suppliers are actually losing money on these tariffs.

As fixed tariffs do not have any such cap, they are priced much higher than current Standard Variable Tariffs and reflect the actual situation in the wholesale energy market more accurately.

Given this extremely unlikely scenario, no supplier’s fixed tariff will currently be close to offering the same value as the Standard Variable Tariff, so there is no benefit at this moment to switching.

So what should you do?

If you are on a Standard Variable Tariff: don’t switch.

We would suggest you might want to stay on your Standard Variable Tariff. Your current energy supplier may offer you a fixed tariff which you might consider accepting if it is cheaper than remaining on the Standard Variable Tariff. This is unlikely right now.

If you are on a fixed tariff: don’t switch.

Assuming you fixed your tariff before the recent rises in the market, this is likely to represent a good deal compared to what is in the market now, so you will want to stay on your fixed tariff until the end of your contract.

If your contract ends before our Winter auction in February, your energy supplier will move you to its Standard Variable Tariff if you do not switch. Your current energy supplier may offer you a fixed renewal tariff which you might consider accepting if it is cheaper than remaining on the Standard Variable Tariff. This is unlikely right now.

Last updated: Wednesday, 27 October 2021 9:28 am