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Customer Care Policy

This page sets out our Customer Care Policy including our five aims and twelve promises.

You can also click here to view our Customer Charter.

Customer care policy

We aim to:

  1. Serve customers and residents in a friendly, efficient and effective manner
  2. Listen to and be responsive to individual and local community needs
  3. Create public confidence and interest in the Council's activities
  4. Ask people what they think about services we provide and seek to continuously improve them
  5. Recognise the need to care for and involve staff to improve customer care

We will:

  1. Deal with customers and residents in a professional, helpful and courteous manner
  2. Acknowledge or reply to letters and emails within five working days, replying within 10 working days or a stated longer period where matters are complex in nature
  3. Use plain language in our communications with customers and residents
  4. Offer residents and customers private interviewing facilities wherever appropriate or desired
  5. Deal with visitors quickly to avoid keeping them waiting,
  6. Where visitors have to wait, provide comfortable waiting facilities for them
  7. Answer the telephone promptly
  8. Offer home visits for people who have mobility difficulties, or who are sick or elderly
  9. Ensure the Council's buildings are accessible for people with disabilities, and that assistance to access service information is provided for those who have hearing or visual impairments
  10. Procure translation assistance for people who need this assistance to understand the Council's communications
  11. Set clear service standards for the various services the council provides and make them known to residents and customers in a user-friendly manner
  12. Provide local points of service and contact for people for their convenience
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