Throughout the year we consult with residents, business owners, visitors and stakeholders on a range of topics. These consultations can be found below, followed by results and findings from selected consultations.

Current consultations

Customer Service Experience Strategy

We are currently undertaking a consultation on our Customer Service Experience Strategy.

In spring 2023 the borough council will relocate its primary offices to Brocks Hill Country Park, Oadby. The council sees this as an ideal opportunity to re-evaluate our customer service offering and develop a new Customer Experience Strategy, which will be reviewed on an annual basis.

We are driven to find to the correct balance between encouraging and advancing our digital customer service offer while also ensuring those that are unable to contact us in this way have direct access to the support they need.

The proposal has two elements:

  • Element 1 – Establishing a well-balanced, high-quality digital, phone and face-to-face customer service offer.
  • Element 2 – Enhancing and maximising our digital customer service offer.

You can read the proposal in full and take part in the consultation here

The consultation runs from 2 November 2022 until 14 December 2022.

Disposal of Land at London Road Oadby – share you views

Oadby & Wigston Borough Council has received an above market value offer from an individual wanting to purchase a strip of land which currently forms part of the Reflection Garden in London Road, Oadby.

The council must consider the offer but before doing so, feels it is imperative to gain public views on the matter to help inform the decision-making process.

The strip of land would equate to approximately 28% of the current area of the garden and would be used as an access driveway to land behind the garden.

The remaining 72% of the land would continue as the reflection garden and money raised from a sale would be ringfenced to be used to maintain and improve the garden. The offer is above the market value of the land and therefore merits consultation with the public.

The land that would be sold does not include the area on which the Reflection Park sculpture currently sits. Any seating/benches currently in the area that would be sold could be moved to a different area of the garden.

The land requested consists of a five-metre strip to the right-hand side of the Garden as indicated on the map below.

Comments can be made by email to or in writing to Communications Team, Council Offices, Station Road, Wigston, Leicestershire LE18 2DR.

This final date for comments to be submitted is Monday 12 December.

Image demonstrates where council has received an offer for land so that an access driveway can be built

  • The red line denotes the boundary of Oadby Reflection Garden
  • The blue lines denote the proposed access driveway

Survey reports

Waste Survey Report - We undertook a Waste Survey for the first time in 2022. The survey was conducted in January and February to help support the current Oadby and Wigston Borough Council Waste Review and to help guide the future Refuse and Recycling strategy.

You can view the report from the survery here: Waste Survey Report 2022 (PDF Document, 668.04 Kb)

Last updated: Wednesday, 16 November 2022 3:22 pm