This page gives details about animal and dog fouling in the borough. It includes information about the offence of dog fouling and what can be done about it. A link provides more information on dog fouling from Keep Britain Tidy.

Most dog owners are responsible people and clear up after their pets. However some do not show this consideration and as a result, dog fouling on paths, lanes and parks can become a problem. This page explains what the law says about dog fouling, what the council can do and how residents can help.

Report dog fouling

The council wishes to provide a clean borough for all its residents to enjoy. We believe everyone should contribute to this and for dog owners, this means clearing up after their dog.

If they do not clear up a fixed penalty can be served if there is a reliable witness to the offence. It does not have to be a council officer, it could be a resident who is prepared to write an accurate witness statement describing what they saw and identifying the dog and the person in charge if he or she is present.

However, witnessing an offence is not always as easy as it sounds. It is a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

New signage under the Public Space Protection Order enacted by the Council under the Anti-Social, Policing and Crime Act is being put up. and CCTV cameras will be used against the owners of dogs who do not act responsibly.

This is why we ask for information from local people, to help us take action to keep our streets clean.

Dog Fouling Information Sheet (PDF Document, 45.58 Kb)

Keep Britain Tidy campaigns

We support campaigns that are organised by Keep Britain Tidy to reduce the number of dog fouling incidents.

For more information about the Keep Britain Tidy campaigns.

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