This page summarises the service we offer for stray dogs. It tells what we do when a stray dog is reported and lists the costs to recover a stray dog after we have collected it. It includes advice for dog owners on how to give their dogs identification so they can be reunited with their owner quickly if they do stray. There is a link to another page with more detail about dog identification and also information to owners about preventing their dogs from straying.

What is a stray dog?

A stray is simply any dog without its owner present or a dog with its owner not in control. Although some dogs are actually abandoned by their owners, most stray dogs are family pets that have escaped. Dogs that have been let out to exercise themselves rather than be walked by their owners are also classed as strays.

What happens if my dog strays?

If the dog has not strayed before and we find it has either proper dog identification or we have a record of a found dog that matches the description of the lost dog, we will try to contact the owner during normal office hours. If we are unable to contact the owner, the dog will be taken to the kennels that we use. If we do contact the owner, they may then reclaim the dog on payment of the appropriate fee. In most cases, the dog will be taken immediately to the kennels that we use and must be collected from there.

At evenings and weekends, we operate an emergency stray dog service only. The purpose of this service is to remove any danger to the public, to motorists and of course to the dog itself. As this is an emergency service, it does not include returning a dog to its owner but the possibility of immediate danger will be removed by taking the dog to the kennels, where it will be looked after safely until it can be collected.

How do I report a lost dog or a dog that has been found?

You can contact Animal Care Services Ltd on 0116 269 6177 between 9am and 9pm every day.

Please note that you will be required to provide your full name, address, telephone number and the location in which you have either lost or found a dog.

For information on stray dogs that have been found in the last seven days please contact Animal Care Services Ltd.

Getting your dog back from the kennels

You must pay the appropriate fees. It is then your responsibility to arrange to collect your dog. You have seven days to do this. After seven days, the kennels will seek to re-home your dog. If you decide not to reclaim your dog, you will still be responsible for the costs incurred in the collection and kennelling of your dog, plus any vets fees.

The cost of getting your dog back

We are allowed to charge reasonable costs for dealing with your dog, plus a fee set by regulations. These fees are £25.00 plus:

  • £62.20 if we do not take your dog to the kennels but return it directly to you,
  • £87.50 if we do take your dog to the kennels,
  • £124.30 if your dog has strayed before,
  • Kennelling fees, currently £14.50 per day or part of a day and
  • Any vets fees, including medication if your dog requires treatment, +10%.

What to do to prevent your dog straying

There are some actions you can take to prevent your dog from straying.

  • Make sure your garden is secure, with no escape routes.
  • Do not leave your front door open.
  • Train your dog to return when it is off its lead.
  • Fit your dog with proper dog identification, such as a collar and tag or an electronic microchip.

Last updated: Tuesday, 23 May 2023 11:28 am