This page provides information and advice on how to deal with fox problems.

The urban fox is often seen as a menace, digging up gardens, foraging for food amongst waste receptacles, fouling gardens and footpaths and disturbing ones sleep with its screeches and screams heard at night during the mating season.

Equally, many people love to see these beautiful creatures and will encourage them into their gardens.

A family of foxes will make its home within its territory and they will defend their own territory. Once a fox vacates an area, it will be taken up by another fox within a matter of weeks. This makes eradication of foxes an endless task.

Oadby and Wigston Borough Council do not carry out treatments for foxes. Our advice is to take steps to deter them from your garden. There are dedicated websites offering advice and information on foxes, and links can be found below.

Natural England produces a species information note on foxes which can be downloaded here Urban Foxes Information Sheets (PDF Document, 57.64 Kb).

The Fox Project operates a Deterrence Helpline offering advice and helpful hints on keeping foxes away. The telephone number is Tunbridge Wells 01892 826222.

Last updated: Monday, 6 July 2020 9:01 pm