Oadby and Wigston Borough Council is committed to playing its part in responding to the growing evidence that urgent action is required to respond to climate change.

As a local authority we have a leadership role to play and will take action to reduce carbon emissions from our own assets and operations. However, tackling climate change cannot be done alone and we also have a role in working locally to reduce the wider borough's emissions, influencing local residents and businesses and encouraging a partnership approach involving a range of stakeholders.

Tackling climate change requires significant cuts to greenhouse gas emissions (including carbon) and action from us all to prevent the worst of its impacts. The UK government has a legally binding national commitment to cut emissions and reach net-zero by 2050.

This page aims to keep you informed of the activities the council is engaged in to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

Environment Strategy and Action Plan

Our Environment Strategy and Action Plan sets out how we will contribute towards reducing carbon emissions.

Environment Strategy and Action Plan (PDF Document, 495.67 Kb)

We have a focus to eliminate and reduce emissions rather than use carbon offsetting, but we also recognise the importance of nature recovery and tree planting to sequester carbon.

We also have objectives to raise awareness of climate change through education opportunities around nature connection, monitoring air pollution and working with community and volunteers to improve the environment.

Local Plan

Our new Local Plan contains information about our climate plans for the period up to the year 2031.

Learn more about our new Local Plan

Electric Vehicle Charge Points

In order to help residents transition to electric vehicles, we have installed electric vehicle charge points throughout the borough.

Learn more about our electric vehicle charge points

Energy Efficiency Funding Scheme

Funding is now available for energy efficiency improvements to homes in Oadby & Wigston at no cost to residents.

Learn more about the Energy Efficiency Funding Scheme

Council office move to Brocks Hill

The council is swapping its primary offices from Bushloe House in Wigston to Brocks Hill Country Park in Oadby in an innovative and eco-friendly move.

Learn more about the environmental benefits of the Brocks Hill redevelopment

Solar Together

In 2022 we participated in the Solar Together scheme offering residents the chance to install solar panels to generate their own electricity.

Tree Planting

We have been working towards climate targets by planting hundreds of new trees across the borough’s green spaces

Learn more about our tree planting

Last updated: Thursday, 2 March 2023 10:12 am