Between 2 October and 28 November 2023, Oadby and Wigston Borough Council undertook a full statutory review of its polling districts, polling places and polling stations for use at elections held with the Borough.

Outcome of the Review

At an extraordinary meeting of the Full Council on 28 November 2023, the (Acting) Returning Officer's Comments and Proposals below were unanimously approved by Councillors.

The approved polling arrangements were implemented on 1 December 2023.

Update Since the Review

At a meeting of the Full Council on 22 February 2024, Councillors unanimously approved to designate Beauchamp College on Ridge Way, Oadby (LE2 5TP) as the polling place for Polling District G2.


Review timetable

Event Date
Notice of Review 2 October 2023
Publication of (Acting) Returning Officer’s draft comments and proposals 18 October 2023
Public consultation opens 18 October 2023
Public consultation closes 15 November 2023 (mid-day)
(Acting) Returning Officer’s final comments and proposals considered by Council 28 November 2023
Publication of the revised Register of Electors (implementing changes) 1 December 2023
Publication of the result of the review and representations made 8 December 2023

More Information

Further information and guidance on reviews can be found on the Electoral Commission’s website.

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