Map of Council Wards

As a result of an electoral review of all Leicestershire districts carried out by the Boundary Committee for England, new warding arrangements were introduced in Oadby & Wigston in time for the Borough Council elections held on Thursday 1st May 2003.

The review was undertaken in order to address imbalances that had occurred since the last review in the 1970s. Some wards had seen significant increases in residential development, which produced an imbalance in the number of electors that Councillors represented in different wards.

The current ward arrangements are shown on the image map above. Individual ward maps are available to download in PDF format by clicking on the links below.

The numbers of Councillors representing each ward is as follows:

Ward Name Number of Councillors
Oadby St. Peters Ward Map (PDF Document, 7.66 Mb) 2
Oadby Grange Ward Map (PDF Document, 7.94 Mb) 3
Oadby Uplands Ward Map (PDF Document, 3.59 Mb) 2
Oadby Woodlands Ward Map (PDF Document, 4.65 Mb) 2
Oadby Brocks Hill Ward Map (PDF Document, 5.88 Mb) 2
Wigston St. Wolstans Ward Map (PDF Document, 6.17 Mb) 3
Wigston Meadowcourt Ward Map (PDF Document, 4.97 Mb) 3
Wigston All Saints Ward Map (PDF Document, 4.97 Mb) 3
Wigston Fields Ward Map (PDF Document, 4.06 Mb) 3
South Wigston Ward Map (PDF Document, 7.16 Mb) 3

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