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On the 4th February 2020 at an Extraordinary Full Council Meeting, The Council approved the decision to cover South Wigston Ward through a Selective Licensing scheme.

The designated scheme will become operative on the 5 May 2020 and operate for 5 years. This scheme only covers private-rented houses. You do not need to apply if the property is owner-occupied, housing association or council accommodation.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to extend the application deadline from 5th August to 30th November.

Apply for your licence

Please note: where an application is withdrawn or refused the Council reserves the right to levy a reasonable and proportionate administration fee to cover the costs of processing up to the point of withdrawal or refusal. Where a licence is suspended or revoked there will be no reimbursement of the application fee.

For the Report and the reasons why South Wigston has been declared please visit our meetings and agenda report.

The full recording of the meeting can be found on SoundCloud.

The official notice including the area covered by the scheme (Annex A) and the list of streets (Annex B) can be found here Selective Licensing An Introduction (PDF Document, 460.59 Kb). You can also view the Designation here Designation of an Area for Selective Licensing (PDF Document, 313.87 Kb)

In the next two weeks, the Council will communicate the decision and commencement date to all consultees.

We will do this by:

  • Writing to each property in the Ward
  • Placing the notice within the Leicester Mercury
  • Displaying the Notice on the Councils Municipal noticeboards across the Borough
  • Writing to all consultees
  • Notifying the adjacent Councils of the decision


The fees confirmed by Council were:

A full 5-year license Application £590 and on issuing of the license an additional enforcement fee of £250 is payable.

The £250 enforcement fee will be invoiced alongside the issued license.

If on inspection there are issues with the premises the Council may issue an interim 1-year license during which all the works to the property will have to have been undertaken. The landlord will then be required to obtain an additional End of Term License to cover the remaining length of the Scheme.

The additional End of the Term License fee will be £135 for the application and on issuing of the license an additional enforcement fee of £250 is payable.

Anyone taking ownership of a property after 7th December 2020 can submit an End of Term licence application for a fee of £590 and on issuing of the license an additional enforcement fee of £250 is payable. For the remainder of the scheme.


Discounts will be available for applicants registered with an accredited body e.g. NLA, RLA, DASH the discount will be £100 per application.

Applicants with multiple properties will be required to submit a full application for each property. The first application will be £590 and on issuing of the license an additional enforcement fee of £250 is payable. All subsequent applications will have a £30 reduction of the original application fee of £590.

There will be no discounts applied to an End of Term license.

How to apply

All Selective Licensing Applications will have to be completed via the online form below. Please visit our Customer Services at Bell Street, Wigston if you cannot complete the online form. There are computers available for you to use at the centre.

Apply for your licence

Alongside the application form you will need to provide payment as mentioned above and several documents to support your application.

The documents you will need to provide are:

  • Information relating to Membership of an accreditation scheme (if applicable).
  • Copy of current gas safety certificate (if applicable).
  • Copy of valid and satisfactory report for the Electrical installation.
  • Information about mortgage company.
  • Smoke alarm safety information.
  • Fire safety risk assessment. Fire Safety Risk Assessment (Word Document, 50 Kb) Guidance: Fire Safety Risk Assessment Guidance (Word Document, 15.4 Kb)
  • Copy of any tenancy agreements (for current tenants).
  • Energy performance certificate (EPC).
  • Fit and proper personal statement (attached to the application form).
  • Information about any person(s) with interest in the property.

Any documents not provided with the application need to be submitted no longer than 7 days after the date of application.

Temporary exemptions notices

If you feel your property is exempt from licensing you may be granted a temporary exemption notice. This notice will last for a maximum of 3 months and can only be issued once per property. Only under exceptional circumstances will a temporary exemption notice be granted.

Only apply for a temporary exemption notice if you are actively selling the property or have gained full possession of the property.

Apply for your temporary exemption notice

Change in circumstances of a property

If you received a letter regarding licensing a property but you are no longer the landlord, the property is not being rented or for any other reason you believe it should not be licenced, please notify us by completing the form below:

Notify us of a change in circumstance of a property

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