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1.3 - The Story So Far

Oadby and Wigston Borough Council adopted a Core Strategy in 2010 and a Town Centres Area Action Plan in 2013. Since then government guidance, legislation and local information has changed so we are now preparing a new Local Plan.

Through preparation of the Local Plan we will look to see what policies need updating or what new policies are required to achieve the growth and development needs within the whole Borough. The Plan will allocate land to meet these needs.

The key policy areas the Local Plan is likely to address are:

  • how many new homes (including affordable homes) do we need to plan for and where these can be located;
  • how much land is required to support employment and enterprise and where it is needed;
  • how we can best protect our special green areas, heritage, landscapes and habitats;
  • how we can continue to support the vitality and viability of the Borough's town, district and local shopping areas; and
  • what local infrastructure do we need to plan for.

This document is the first formal stage of consultation in the preparation of the new Local Plan. We are inviting comments on a series of key challenges for the Borough and views on how they can be addressed. We also want to hear suggestions of anything that you feel may be missing.

This is an opportunity for you to have a say on how we plan for development and growth in the Borough. What you tell us during this consultation will help us develop the most sustainable strategy for managing growth, and meeting the Borough's development needs.

This is the first stage of consultation on the Local Plan. Our Local Development Scheme provides more information about future opportunities to comment as the preparation of the Local Plan progresses, including a timetable for the development of the new Local Plan document and also the further stages we will be seeking comments on.

How far ahead are we planning?

According to Government guidance, Local Plans should preferably cover a 15 year time horizon and take account of longer term requirements. Therefore, it is currently intended that the plan will cover the period to 2036. However, Leicester City Council and several other Leicestershire district councils are preparing Local Plans to 2031 and this will be reflected in the preparation of the Oadby and Wigston Local Plan with evidence prepared to cover the periods to 2031 and 2036.

The Local Plan will reflect the Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Growth Plan which is also currently in preparation and which will cover the period to 2036 and beyond.

Planning for the Housing and Jobs that the Borough Needs: The Location of New Development

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