This page provides links to development and planning briefs and policy statements that the Council have prepared which explain in greater detail the proposed development of individual sites, groups of sites or further planning considerations for types of development. Development and planning briefs and policy statements are prepared in consultation with others and form an important consideration in determining how planning applications will be determined within the areas affected.

Adopted Stoughton Farm Park Development Brief

This brief relates to land north of Gartree Road, which was previously the site of the Stoughton Farm Park. The brief has been prepared because within the adopted local plan, there are no specific policies that relate to the site. Since the farm park closed down development has been permitted on an individual unit or use basis as opposed to a longer-term, overall and coherent scheme for the site.

To view a copy of the development brief please contact the Planning Policy Section.

Adopted Land Off Saffron Road Planning Brief

The Land off Saffron Lane Planning Brief was adopted in February 2002.

Land Off Saffron Lane Planning Brief (PDF Document, 1.13 Mb)

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