The Landscape Character Assessment was originally written in 2005 as part of the baseline evidence for the then-emerging Local Development Framework.

To inform the production of the Council's new Local Plan, a Landscape Character Assessment review was undertaken and an updated report produced in January 2018.

Landscape Character Assessment

The Borough of Oadby and Wigston has a diverse range of landscapes including three main centres, residential areas, two green wedges and areas of open countryside which include the Grand Union Canal and the River Sence. The Council recognises that high quality and locally distinctive rural and urban environment can make a sustainable contribution to the quality of life in the borough and that sustainable development is essential to maintain this quality.

What is a Landscape Character Assessment

Landscape Character Assessment is a process used to assist in planning and managing landscape change. Landscape refers to both natural features such as landform and water and those which are subject to human management processes such as hedges and woodlands. The landscape also includes man-made constructed features such as roads and buildings. The aim of landscape character, therefore, is to define areas with similar landscape character and attributes. This character can be used to inform planning decisions and to ensure that appropriate landscape management regimes are developed.

Oadby and Wigston Landscape Character Assessment - Parts 1 to 3 (2018) (PDF Document, 2.45 Mb)

Oadby and Wigston Landscape Character Assessment - Parts 4 to 6 (2018) (PDF Document, 6.43 Mb)

Oadby and Wigston Landscape Character Assessment - Appendices (2018) (PDF Document, 8.45 Mb)

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