Pension age claims

If you or your partner are of pension age, the benefit can normally be backdated for a period not exceeding three months. You do not need to apply for this, it will be awarded automatically.

Working-age claims

If you or your partner are of working age (i.e. under pension age), the benefit can be backdated for a period of a month.

If you would like a benefit to be backdated you must demonstrate good cause for not applying earlier and that this existed for the whole of the period that you are seeking backdated benefit to be paid. Reasons such as 'I didn't know about the scheme' or 'I did not have time to apply' are not normally considered good cause.

Examples of good cause may include:

  • You were in hospital or too ill to claim at the time and there was no one else who could help you
  • You did not understand that you could claim because of age or language difficulties
  • You can show you were given wrong advice from an advice centre, Pension Service or Department of Work and Pensions

You can apply for backdated benefit by completing the Form below, sending us a letter or email or completing the form. Please ensure that you state the date you want the claim to be backdated to and your full reasons for claiming backdated benefit.

Backdated Claim Form (PDF Document, 84.33 Kb)

Last updated: Monday, 31 October 2022 11:51 am