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Send the signature refresh notice back to us with a note explaining what you can tell us about that the person named on the notice. For example: the person named on this notice moved out of this address on (date) or I have just moved into this address and the person named on this notice no longer lives here.

If you wish to apply for an absent vote, please contact the electoral services office by email or by telephone. Our contact details are shown in the left-hand side of the page.

When you contact us, state what type of absent vote is required. i.e. Postal, Proxy, Postal Proxy. Provide the name or names and the full address of those who wish to apply for an absent vote. In most cases, we will post the form to you within two working days of receiving your enquiry.

Yes, we will send a signature refresh notice to you. If we receive a completed signature refresh notice from you and it is satisfactory, you will have confirmed to us that you still wish to vote by proxy. However, should you fail to provide a new signature within the timescales stated by the notice, we will write to the person who you have appointed as your proxy to inform them that their proxy appointment has been cancelled.

We will also write to the person you have appointed as your proxy and ask them to provide us with a fresh signature. If they do not provide a fresh signature that can be scanned into our system by the deadline, they will lose their entitlement to vote on your behalf by post. If this is the case, we will write to you as the elector to explain that while your proxy appointment remains in place, your proxy must now attend your polling station to cast your vote on your behalf.

It depends on what date you put on your absent voter application form when you signed it.

If you do not receive a signature refresh notice it is because our records show your signature is not yet 5 years old.

If you dated your form between 31 January 2008 and 30 January 2009, you will be asked to refresh your signature at the end of January 2013. If you wish to continue to be treated as an absent voter you need to provide a fresh specimen of your signature by mid March 2013 at the latest.

You are not legally required to provide your date of birth. However, it would, be helpful if you did. If you do wish to provide your date of birth again, it will confirm that we hold the correct date on our records. If you provide us with a different date of birth from the one we already hold on our system, we will amend the date you gave us previously.

Tick the signature refresh notice to say that you no longer require a postal vote, sign the notice and return it to us in the pre-paid envelope. At the next election you will be issued with a poll card and will be required to vote at your local polling station.

It is important that all food businesses are run safely and hygienically, with no risk to the public from the food that is produced or sold. The council's environmental health officers are able to offer you sound advice about the many issues that will affect your business. These include food safety and health and safety requirements, noise control and the prevention of nuisances.

By contacting your environmental health officer at an early stage, you could save time, money and anxiety as the advice you receive will help you to operate within the law and make sure that your new business venture gets of to the best possible start from day one.

It is also a legal requirement that you register your food business with the council.

If you would like any information about starting, registering or running a food business in our borough, please contact us for free, impartial advice.

Find out more about starting a food business.

Find out more about running a mobile food business.

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