Do I need Building Regulations approval to erect a porch?

For a porch to be considered to be exempt under Regulation 9 (Exempt Buildings & Work) of the Building Regulations 2010, the proposal must only be single storey, constructed at ground level and the internal floor area must not exceed 30 square metres. In addition glazing in critical locations must be toughened or laminated safety glass in accordance with British Standard 6206.

When the conservatory is attached to an existing dwelling provision must be made to limit the loss of heat from the dwelling. Ways of meeting the requirement would be:

a) to retain the existing separation where the opening is not to be enlarged; or

b) to provide separation by new windows and/or doors having a Window Energy Rating (WER) of Band C or better or a U-value of at least 1.6W/m2k (Watts per metre square kelvin)

Where an opening into the proposal is to be opening is enlarged or newly created as a material alteration an application will be required for the structural alteration only.

Though the construction of the porch may be exempt from the provisions of the Building Regulations 2010, the electrical installation associated with this is not. To establish that the electrical installation is in accordance with the requirements, it is suggested that the services of a qualified electrical contractor be employed who is registered on a self certification scheme for Part P of the regulations (Electrical Safety) and is able to provide you with an electrical certificate which confirms the design installation and testing of the system is in accordance with British Standard 7671.