Pre-application advice and planning fees

The Council is committed in working with prospective applicants to improve the quality of planning submissions by offering pre-application advice.

The Council encourages prospective applicants to contact the Planning Department to discuss their proposals before making an application.

Pre-Application advice is encouraged as the more issues that can be resolved at the pre-application stage, the greater the benefits for all parties, for example early engagement about a proposal can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the planning application process. It also has the potential to improve the quality and coordination of planning application proposals.

Pre-application forms as well as all of the Fees and Charges related to services that the Planning Department provide can be found below.

In addition you can find details of the Planning Application Fee (does not include pre-application fees) increase that is in place from 6 December 2023 here.

You can find details of the up-to-date Planning Application Fees here.

Planning pre-application advice - Approved fees and charges 2024-2025 (PDF Document, 202.68 Kb)

Pre-application forms

Form 1 - Written Householder (Word Document, 77.21 Kb)

Form 1A - Written Householder - (H-A Advice) (Word Document, 80.39 Kb)

Form 2 - Small scale development (commercial) below 100m2 (Word Document, 80.18 Kb)

Form 2A - Small scale development (commercial) (H-A Advice) (Word Document, 80.33 Kb)

Form 3 - Small-medium scale development (commercial) between 100m2 & 499m2 (Word Document, 80.2 Kb)

Form 3A - Small-medium scale development (commercial) (H-A Advice) (Word Document, 80.5 Kb)

Form 4 - Medium scale development (commercial) between 500m2 & 999m2 (Word Document, 80.11 Kb)

Form 4A - Medium scale development (commercial) (H-A Advice) (Word Document, 80.38 Kb)

Form 5 - Larger scale development (commercial) over 1000m2 (Word Document, 80.11 Kb)

Form 5A - Larger scale development (commercial) (H-A Advice) (Word Document, 80.34 Kb)

Form 6 - Advertising related advice (Word Document, 77.34 Kb)

Form 7 - Changes of use (Word Document, 77.47 Kb)

Form 8 - Telecommunications equipment apparatus (Word Document, 77.5 Kb)

Form 9 - 1-3 new dwellings (Word Document, 77.56 Kb)

Form 9A - 1-3 new dwellings (H-A Advice) (Word Document, 77.68 Kb)

Form 10 - 4-9 new dwellings (Word Document, 77.56 Kb)

Form 10A - 4-9 new dwellings (H-A Advice) (Word Document, 77.81 Kb)

Form 11 - 10-49 new dwellings (Word Document, 77.42 Kb)

Form 11A - 10-49 new dwellings (H-A Advice) (Word Document, 77.69 Kb)

Form 12 - 50-199 new dwellings (Word Document, 77.5 Kb)

Form 12A - 50-199 new dwellings (H-A Advice) (Word Document, 77.7 Kb)

Form 13 - 200-399 new dwellings (Word Document, 77.54 Kb)

Form 13A - 200-399 new dwellings (H-A Advice) (Word Document, 77.69 Kb)

Form 14 - 400 or more new dwellings (Word Document, 77.45 Kb)

Form 14A - 400 or more new dwellings (H-A Advice) (Word Document, 77.81 Kb)

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