This page contains information on the importance of carrying out an annual gas safety check to your home. There is a legal requirement of Oadby and Wigston Borough Council to have an up to date gas safety certificate.

Safety first

If you smell gas or fumes you should:

  • turn off the gas at the meter,
  • open any windows,
  • put out all naked flames,
  • don't use electrical switches and
  • call the Gas Emergency Services on freephone 0800 111 999.

Contact us immediately if:

  • you notice soot marks on or around the appliance,
  • the flame in the appliance is yellow or orange and not blue,
  • there is condensation in the room where the appliance is located and
  • anyone in your household suffers from drowsiness, headaches, nausea or pains in the chest when using a gas appliance.

Turn off the appliance immediately and report it.

If your heating system or appliances breakdown, develop a fault or you wish to book a service visit please contact our chosen contractor, Aaron Services Ltd, on 01205 591970.

On 3 October 2022 Aaron Services took over from Liberty Gas.

If possible, please call outside Aaron Services outside of peak hours. This is typically every day between 8am - 9.30am, and Monday mornings in the winter months.

Please be aware that Aaron Services also offer a call back feature, and if you are struggling to reach them you can select this option.

Should you find yourself without heating or hot water, Aaron Services have provided some video instructions of possible fixes you can try out yourself before calling an engineer. You can watch the instructions here.

If you are looking for ways to reduce your energy bill, you can view some advice on how to increase your efficiency here.

Gas servicing

Oadby and Wigston Borough Council will take reasonable steps to meet the terms of the Gas Safety and Health and Safety Regulations, by using Gas Safe registered contractors to carry out annual gas servicing. We carry out annual servicing and safety checks to all of our properties. The servicing is carried out to an agreed programme. We send a letter to all our residents to let you know about the gas servicing and remind you how important it is to allow the Gas safe registered contractor into your home so that they can do the work.

Our contractors will:

  • make sure that all gas appliances, flues and gas pipework that we have installed are maintained and operate in a safe condition,
  • make sure that annual gas service is carried out on all gas appliances, flues and gas pipework, installed by us. This service will be carried out within one year of the start of your tenancy. If the appliances have been installed for less than 12 months then they will be checked within 12 months of their installation date,
  • make sure that a record is kept of each annual gas service and
  • make sure that you receive a copy of the current Gas Safe service record within 28 days of the service being completed. If you are a new resident, a copy will be given to you when you sign your tenancy.

Responsibilities as a resident

Our contractor will automatically carry out a gas safety check every 12 months. Most of our residents co-operate with this, allowing the inspection to be done quickly and efficiently. As one of the residents, you have certain responsibilities. You should:

  • allow prompt access to your home to carry out maintenance or safety checks on gas appliances, flues and gas pipework, installed by us,
  • turn off any gas equipment if you are worried about its safety and contact us immediately to let us know and
  • always keep to the appointment made for the inspection of your gas equipment.

If you do not give our Gas Safe registered contractors reasonable access to your home you are in breach of the terms of your tenancy agreement and it could result in legal action to enforce access or to end your tenancy. We hope this will never be necessary, but we will not hesitate to take action where the health and safety of our residents or their neighbours may be at risk.

Last updated: Monday, 9 January 2023 9:48 am