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Neighbourhood Inspections

Neighbourhood Inspections

Housing staff carry out regular inspections of areas in which the Council has homes. All areas are inspected at least once a year, and some of the larger estates will be checked more frequently.

The aim of the inspections are to ensure that the areas are checked regularly and kept to a good standard, free from litter, rubbish and graffiti. Officers also monitor issues of anti-social behaviour and issues with pets or abandoned vehicles. We hope to address matters of concern to local residents, and also look at ways of improving the areas where you live. For example we can look at pruning overgrown hedges, installing fencing or additional lighting if these are of concern for safety or security reasons.

Residents can join the Housing Officers on these 'neighbourhood inspections' - details of which are published below. This is a great opportunity to meet your Housing Officer, have an informal chat to discuss any issues that are affectiing you or your neighbours.

If you cannot find the inspection which covers your area or if there is something which will not wait for the next inspection then please contact Customer Services on 0116 288 8961..

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