Unauthorised occupants are people 'left behind' in a tenancy when the tenant leaves.

If an unauthorised person is occupying a tenancy without the permission of the Council, we need to find out where the tenant is and whether they have given permission to the person to be there.

If the unauthorised occupant is occupying the property with the permission of the tenant, then it will be necessary to establish the reason for this and whether permission should have been or can be granted; if not it may be necessary to consider legal action to repossess the tenancy.

If the unauthorised occupant is occupying the tenancy without the tenant's permission then legal action will be taken to repossess the property.

We are committed to making sure that only people who are supposed to be living in our properties are living there. It is not possible for us to know what is happening in all our properties so we need your help to stop the abuse of the system.

Last updated: Monday, 6 July 2020 9:36 pm