The standards for properties the Council let are outlined below. If you are offered a property that does not meet these standards then please let us know.


Ceilings should be in good order, free from sagging and any significant cracking or major staining. All polystyrene tiles should be removed.


Walls should be free from large cracks and holes (apart from screw holes) and no loose plaster.


There should be a clean floor covering in kitchens and bathrooms (either tiles or vinyl). All floors should be level and in a sound condition, suitable to lay a floor covering.

Doors and woodwork

Doors and woodwork should be free from holes and dents. Doors should have working locks, latches and handles and open and shut properly. All door frames and skirting boards are sound and complete.


Windows should be free from broken and cracked glass (and failed double glazing units) - usually resolved within the first month of your tenancy. Windows should have all locks and latches working and at least one key for each type of window lock within the property. The sealant around frame should be mould free.


The heating system should be working and instructions available for using the system. All radiators should be working with caps on the radiator valves. The hot water cylinder should have a jacket fitted or be 'pre-lagged'. You should be given a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate (where applicable).

Plumbing and sanitary ware

All taps should be matching, working properly and be free from drips and limescale. All plugs and chains fitted throughout the bathroom and toilets, sinks and baths should be free from cracks, limescale and dirt. Cisterns should be porcelain (wherever possible). The bathroom suite should be clean and washed down and the bath seal free from gaps and mould growth. There should also be two rows of tiles behind sinks, wash hand basin and bath.


All sockets, switches and fittings should be free from damage and paint and all lamp holder fittings able to take shade. There should be a clean pull cord in the bathroom and luminaire light fitting.


There should be no slipped or missing roof tiles and the guttering intact and not overflowing - usually resolved within the first month of your tenancy. All drain and manhole covers to be securely fitted and free from debris and footpaths up to the front and back doors are sound and level.

Gates should be in full working order and fences (if our responsibility) intact and in a reasonable condition. Overgrown shrubs should be cut back. Again these are usually resolved within the first month of your tenancy.

Outhouses, stores or garden sheds (if applicable) are to be free from rubbish and two washing line posts or a rotary line provided, in reasonable condition.

Other items

The property should be clean and free from all rubbish, including the loft space.

There should be no major gaps through walls where pipes pass through them and a connection provided for washing machine (if space allows). All decorations should be in a reasonable condition or where they are not, decorating vouchers are supplied. Carpets should only be left where the ingoing tenant has asked for them to be left.

All gas appliances free from damage and in a reasonable condition.

For more information please contact us at the Housing Section using the contact details in the panel on the right.

Last updated: Monday, 6 July 2020 9:29 pm