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All Saints Conservation Area

The following contains information about the All Saints Conservation Area including area appraisal and development control guidance and links to the conservation area map and various other documents.

All Saints Conservation Area was designated in 1977. The area is approximately half a mile from the commercial centre of Wigston and includes some of the most historically and architecturally important buildings in the borough. The survival of these traditional properties provides an indication of the original character and appearance of Wigston Magna village.

Framework Knitters Wigston

All Saints Conservation Area Map (PDF Document, 275.35 Kb)

The southern core of the conservation area is centred round the Church of All Saints which formed one of the 'Two Steeples' of 'Wigston Magna District of Two Steeples' in 1529. It is very much the focal point of the conservation area and is an important local feature. Newgate End retains a village like feel with its attractive group of traditionally designed properties. This contrasts with the more mixed development of mostly later nineteenth century or twentieth century development that has occurred along Moat Street and Bushloe End. It is predominantly a residential area, with fragments of the towns historical hosiery industry along Bushloe End and Moat Street, with the survival of Framework Knitters' buildings and workshops.

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Conservation Area Appraisal and Development Control Guidance

The All Saints Conservation Area Appraisal and Development Control Guidance were subject to public consultation from Tuesday 11th July 2006 to Tuesday 22nd August 2006. After considering representations received during the consultation period, the decision was made on 19th December 2006 to adopt the Appraisal, the development control guidance and amend the conservation area boundaries which took effect from Monday 15th January 2007.

Boundary Amendments

Due to the conservation area boundary amendments, the following properties and buildings have been excluded from the original boundary:

  • 1 - 43 Pochins Close; 28 - 34 (even numbers only)
  • Launceston Road; 15 - 23 (odd numbers only)
  • Newgate End; 40 - 72 (even numbers only)
  • Newgate End; 17 - 21 (odd numbers only)
  • and Moat Street.

All Saints Conservation Area Notification of Amendments (PDF Document, 26.64 Kb)

Conservation Area Appraisal

The appraisal reassesses the character of the area and notes any changes which may have occurred since its designation, such as new development, and changes to specific buildings or street scapes.

The All Saints Conservation Area Appraisal includes an overview of the area, a townscape analysis and identifies the key characteristics of the area and any opportunities for enhancement there may be.All Saints Church

All Saints Conservation Area Appraisal (Low Resolution) (PDF Document, 67.35 Kb)

All Saints Conservation Area Appraisal Townscape Map (PDF Document, 245.31 Kb)
Adopted Development Control Guidance

The development control guidance outlines the issues to be considered before submitting planning applications for works to buildings within the conservation area. The development control guidance seeks to ensure that the area continues to thrive, but without prejudicing the key features which define the character and appearance of the area. A low resolution and high resolution copy of the document has been provided to aid download times.

All Saints Conservation Area Appraisal Dc Guidance (PDF Document, 218.78 Kb)

Statutory Listed Buildings within the Conservation Area

There are a number of listed buildings within the All Saints Conservation Area, ranging from grade one (grade I) to grade two (grade II). The majority of the listed buildings within the conservation area are listed grade two.

To find out more information about listed buildings in general and a greater level of detail for the listed buildings within the All Saints Conservation Area.

All Saints, the Lanes and Spa Lane Report of Consultation

The Report of Consultation describes the public consultation undertaken for All Saints, The Lanes and Spa Lane conservation areas, summarises representations received and sets out a response to the principle areas of concern.

Report of Consultation

Conservation Area Supplementary Planning Document

Any proposals for development within this conservation area or any other conservation area within the borough, should conform with the adopted Conservation Areas Supplementary Planning document.

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