This page provides information about The Lanes Conservation Area, its Conservation Area Appraisal, Development Control Guidance and Report of Consultation.

The Lanes Conservation Area was designated in 1981. The Lanes provide a network of narrow footpaths linking Bull Head Street, Moat Street, Long Street, Bell Street and a section of Central Avenue, to the West, is included. This page gives an overview of the conservation area and provides links to the adopted Conservation Area Appraisal and Development Control Guidance.

The Lanes Conservation Area Boundary Map (PDF Document, 293.88 Kb)

The Lanes Conservation Area is characterised by the contrast between the 'hidden' green open space of the Manchester Gardens and the urban built development that surrounds it. The Lanes themselves are a throwback to the village's origins and probably served to link the two cores of the original settlement. Today they are a series of quiet routes away from traffic in the middle of an urban environment and are of great value in creating the feeling of a quiet backwater in the town centre. The survival of the Manchester Gardens (now allotments) at the heart of the Lanes as an area of open space in such an urban environment is hugely beneficial. The four perimeter streets of the rectangular village centre are characterised by their commercial character with small clusters of residential properties. This is reversed in the streets that run west from this central rectangle which are dominated by nineteenth-century housing. The northern and eastern sides of the built frontage to the central green area are mainly comprised of commercial buildings and form part of the centre of the modern Wigston Magna.

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Conservation Area Appraisal and Development Control Guidance

An Appraisal and Development Control Guidance has been prepared for The Lanes Conservation Area, this fulfils our duty to draw up and publish proposals for the preservation and enhancement of the area as required by the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.

The Lanes Conservation Area Appraisal and Development Control Guidance were subject to public consultation from Tuesday 11th July 2006 to Tuesday 22nd August 2006. After considering representations received the decision was made on 19th December 2006 to adopt the Appraisal, Development Control Guidance and amend the Conservation Area boundaries that took effect from Monday 15th January 2007.

Boundary Amendments

The following properties have been included within the Conservation Area:

  • 61 and 65 Long Street,
  • 42 to 50 (even numbers only) Long Street and
  • 2 and 4 Leicester Road.

The area bounded by Bell Street, Bull Head Street, Long Lane (north of Paddock Street) and Paddock Street is to be excluded.

The Lanes Conservation Area Notification of Amendments (PDF Document, 26.64 Kb)

Conservation Area Appraisal

The appraisal assesses the character of the area and notes any changes which may have occurred since its designation, such as new development and changes to specific buildings or street landscapes.

The Lanes Conservation Area Appraisal (Low Resolution) (PDF Document, 100.86 Kb)

Development Control Guidance

The Development Control Guidance seeks to ensure that the area continues to thrive, without prejudicing features which define the character and appearance of the area.

The Lanes Conservation Area Development Control Guidance (PDF Document, 183.34 Kb)

Listed buildings within the Borough

The Lanes Conservation Area has a number of Listed Buildings within its boundary. For further information regarding Listed Buildings, please see the following link.

Listed Buildings within the Borough

Report on consultation

The report of consultation describes the process in which the public consultation went through and summarises the representations made and sets out responses to these.

Report of Consultation Part 1

Conservation Areas Supplementary Planning Document

The Conservation Areas Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) provides policy guidance to ensure that the character and appearance of Borough Conservation Areas are maintained through effective management.

Please note, on the 16th April 2019 the Council resolved to adopt a revised Conservation Areas SPD. Links to the most up to date document are contained below.

Conservation Areas SPD 2019 (PDF Document, 4.05 Mb)

Conservation Areas SPD Consultation Statement 2018 (PDF Document, 608.8 Kb)

SCI and SPD Adoption Statement 2019 (PDF Document, 570.15 Kb)

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